Tooth Coloured Fillings


At Crigglestone Dental Care we understand that people want fillings not only to be functional but to be natural looking as well. Tooth coloured or white fillings can be used as an alternative to silver amalgam fillings. 

Tooth coloured fillings are made from a composite resin material that is bonded directly to the teeth which may mean that they require less of the natural tooth to be removed than a traditional filling ensuring that a more conservative approach may be adopted.  

Tooth coloured fillings restore the natural appearance of the teeth therefore nobody needs to know that you have fillings, in fact after some time even you may not be able to know which of your teeth have been filled! 

Composite fillings (tooth coloured fillings) can be placed in almost all cavities where a 'silver' filling can be used and our dentists can discuss with you if it is possible for you to have a white filling in your tooth. 

Please contact us or call 01924 255437 to discuss tooth coloured fillings